Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We won't ask for final payment until the job is completed and completed correctly. Upon completion of the job we will perform a walk around with the customer to address any concerns and make sure no final touches were forgotten. 

Usually the walk around is a great time for all of us to see the excellent design and installation and admire the beauty it brings to your backyard.

The Fence & Deck Company stands behind our work and we offer a 3 year workmanship guarantee on all our jobs. 

Our Mission

To provide exceptional Customer Service that goes beyond what people expect from contractors to each and every client while providing them with professionally designed and installed backyard solutions.

About Us

The Fence & Deck Company is owned and operated by Michael Ahern. 
Before opening his own fence and deck company Michael worked as a salesman for various fence companies in the Ottawa area. Through this experience with being the direct contact for each and every client, he gained valuable knowledge from customers regarding what they truely want from a fence or deck contractor; because of this Michael considers his business as a customer service business more than a construction company. The Fence & Deck Company was started to provide Ottawa residents with a fence and deck contractor they could trust.